Services offered with the Thermal Fragmentation


Nippon Dragon Resources offers unique services to extract and make openings in the rock. Our services are offered worldwide and our exclusive and patented process allows us to perform various types of earthmoving. We are the only economical method that allows for the extraction of mineralized zones within high grade precious/base metal veins.

We replace and / or improve these extractions methods :

  • Room and pillar method (flat or reef)
  • Small Long hole method
  • Shrinkage method

We also offer services such as :

  • Drop / Blind raising
  • Ventilation raises (primary and secondary)
  • Drainage holes of 30 cm and more
  • Vibration blasting control
  • Perimeter blasting and stress reduction
  • Drift cuts
  • Ore recovery while drifting
  • Ore pass/waste pass
  • Security exits

Usage of our technology will offer you the following benefits: substantial cost reductions, increased productivity, very significant reduction in dilution, marked reduction in the use of explosives, fewer accidents and physically less challenging.

Our dragons are available in three formats :

  Height: Length: Width: Weight: 
 Dragon 2 meter
(80 inch)
4,62 meter
(184,8 inch)
 1,27 meter
(50,8 inch)
5798 kg 
(12755 pounds)
 Mini-Dragon 2,08 meter
(83,3 inch)
2,86 meter
(114,5 inch)
0,76 meter
(30,48 inch)
1234 kg
(2715 pounds)
 Retro-fit  Installing the thermal head and controls on existing equipment such as
a Jumbo or drill (optimizes the use of your equipment and reduces equipment costs)
 *Each option provides the same performance


Execution of work (possibilities) :

  1. Through one of our distributors
  2. From your employees trained and supervised by our specialists
  3. From our employees


Our partners and distributors :

Maxem  Don Bourgeois & Fils

South Africa




Nippon Dragon Resources Japan



Australia, New Zealand,
Papua New Guinea, Indonesia
and Philippines


For more information:

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Vice-President Operations & Technology
Nippon Dragon Resources Inc. 
7055 Taschereau Blvd. Suite 500,
Brossard, Quebec
J4Z 1A7  Canada 

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